Support Verdugo Pines Bible Camp

Verdugo Pines Bible Camp has been involved in Life Changing experiences over the last Fifty plus years. Many of those who have had these God ordained encounters or who have witnessed the Lives that have been altered because of their time spent at Verdugo Pines have desired to contribute to this ministry.

This opportunity to be a part of the Verdugo Pines Bible Camp ministry can be fulfilled in many ways.

  1. 1. Become a PRAYER PARTNER and Join our “Prayer Force” by submitting your contact information on our Contact page. We will send you our calendar of events and monthly prayer request.

  2. 2. Become a VERDUGO VOLUNTEER and receive list of dates that we need Physical Help such as Weekend Dining and Service for our guest groups or the ongoing “Maintenance Work” around the Camp. Send us your contact information to receive the list of dates.

  3. 3. The always needed FINANCIAL SUPPORT TEAM. If God has given you this ability without removing support from your local church, we would ask you to consider supporting this ministry on a regular basis.

Please Prayfully consider how you can be a partner in this Christ Honoring ministry and then submit your contact information and desired area of participation. We will contact you with our areas of need. Please know we will NOT share this information without your permission. Our main mode of communication will be through E-mail and not a venue of social media.