Health Updates

COVID-19 Protocols

July 10, 2021

Hello Parents,

In accordance with the Los Angeles County Health Department (LACHD) regulations and recommendations, the Verdugo Pines Bible Camp Executive Board must amend the Camp COVID protocols to include the following measure to further reduce risk of spread the COVID virus. Please read all three options in their entirety because we are trying to provide accommodations for a broad spectrum of personal philosophies, convictions, and circumstances of campers and their families. The Board understands that this protocol may raise strong concerns for parents/guardians, so we are very grateful for your patience and understanding as we strive to keep Camp's doors open this summer.

Verdugo Pines Bible Camp is providing three options for parents/campers in order for your camper to attend camp this summer and maximize their camp experience. Parents/guardians must choose ONE of the following:

  1. 1. Provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result for your child from a certified health facility within 72 hours of arriving to camp for a PCR test or within 48 hours for an antigen test. At-home kit results will not be accepted. Most major insurance carriers will now cover the cost of the test with a minimal copay; OR

  2. 2. Provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination for your child with a CDC-approved vaccine (i.e., Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson and Johnson). This proof may be the vaccine card or proof of vaccination from the CDC mobile app. Please note that there is very little cell phone reception at camp; OR

  3. 3. If Option 1 or 2 are not chosen, Verdugo Pines will furnish a nasal swab antigen rapid COVID test on registration day. This test will be completely confidential between the Camp Nurse and the camper/parents, and the test sample will be destroyed after the test. Obviously, your camper will have to test negative in order to attend camp. If choosing this option, please notify the Camp Registrar no later than 48 hours from the start of Camp (i.e., 6 PM Saturday) by emailing that you want Camp to provide the COVID test. Those that choose this option must arrive to camp 2 hours prior to normal registration, i.e., 4 PM on Monday instead of 6 PM. Please remember that Camp will not be providing dinner on Monday, so please plan accordingly.

Please do not email health documents for Options 1 or 2. If you would like to upload your child's health documents to a secure, password protected Dropbox, please email for a link and a password for you to securely upload your child's document online. Otherwise, please inform the Registrar that you will be bringing the physical proof during registration.

We understand that this measure requires additional effort on campers and their families. However, after carefully reviewing the LACHD regulations and observing protocols and lessons from outbreaks at other camps, Verdugo Pines has chosen to adopt this protocol to further reduce risk of spread of the virus while your child is at Camp. Please contact daniel Lim at if you have any questions or concerns. We will be posting the full COVID Response Plan on the website within the next few days that will outline the details of Verdugo Pines' plan and protocols to keep your campers safe.

Be assured that Verdugo Pines is earnestly working to provide the best and safest Camp experience for your child so that they may experience God thru His creation, the learning of His Word, and the fellowship of Jesus' Church. Thank you very much for your continued prayers, forbearance and patience as we navigate these times together.

Blessings in Christ,

dan Lim
President, on behalf of the Verdugo Pines Bible Camp Executive Board