COVID-19 Updates

Verdugo Pines Bible Camp Board of Directors Announcement

Update: May 24, 2020

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As most of you are aware of the COVID-19 restrictions that are in place, we as stewards of the ministry here at Verdugo Pines Bible Camp have come to conclude, we cannot produce an edifying camping experience that will comply with U.S., State and L.A. County government and mandates.

It is with heartache... we will be suspending our 2020 Summer Camps.

Our commitment to the health and safety of campers and staff take priority. We believe the mandated guidelines of our God given authority must be given the proper response and followed. Due to the close community experience of camp with large group gatherings, group dining, team competitions, and shared lodging, we did not see a practical way to operate camp safely.

We recognize the gravity of this decision and that it affects a lot of people in different ways. First that the Gospel will not go out at camp as it usually does, that friendships won't be fostered between campers, and that staff won't be strengthened and encouraged in their walk with the Lord as they usually are as a result of serving at camp. This is one of the most difficult decisions we have made as a Board of Directors.

We remain open to cease the opportunities that the Lord will offer us in the coming weeks as a result of this decision, our Camp Program Staff will facilitate the campers to meet with one another this summer through a virtual camp experience online. These events will be posted at

We do look forward to joining with you in the future and the blessings that only God can give in this unprecedented time of separation. Our Father is STILL on the throne.

God has provided in the past... and we are confident He will provide for the future. If there are some that have an exercise of heart to partner with us in prayer and/or financial support through this difficult time, we welcome your participation.

Contact Information:
P.O. Box 1989, Wrightwood CA 92397

Together with you in HIS service,

John Bourbonnais, Executive Director Verdugo Pines Bible Camp
(760) 249-3532 ext. 101

We are returning the deposit or payment made for High School Winter that was transferred to the 2020 Summer High School Camp

Verdugo Pines Bible Camp Temporarily Shutdown

Update: April 12, 2020

We pray that you and your family are well and safe during these difficult times.

As you may have heard the “Stay Safe at Home Order” has been extended thru May 15, 2020, so we are continuing to do maintenance projects without Guest Groups in attendance until the CDC, Government Health agencies and our Board of Directors communicate that we are safe to re-open.

At this point, Lord willing, we plan to proceed with the SUMMER CAMP SCHEDULE. There will be an additional Health Screening process and Cleaning procedures that may seem a bit extreme, but the safety of your campers and our staff is our priority.

Please pray that we will be able to fulfill the ministry that the Lord has called us to and that He will be glorified in these seemingly adverse times.