John and Catherine

A Message from Our Executive Directors

I remember as a kid my dad made a savings bank for each of his children for the purpose of giving to the Lord's work. I recall giving mine to a young couple named Dale & Marilyn Collis as they left to work at a children's home in Colorado. I don't recall how much was in the bank but it couldn't have been more than five dollars. To this day I recall my hearts passion to help them in their ministry that God had called them to. Giving isn't always about fulfilling the needs of the recipient, it can also solidify or clarify the passion of the donators calling to give “as they have purposed in their heart”. Even as a child I felt a part of Dale and Marilyn's ministry because I gave financially. My interest peaked and heart was moved as I listened to their letters being read from Colorado. I felt a connection to them and their ministry that was deeper than any other ministry or missionaries.

As I look back I can see how my heart was changed because of giving.

That five dollars also touched the heart of the recipient. I can recall how tears welled up in their eyes as they received the gift. I believe they were encouraged and blessed because of a young boy recognizing the value of their calling. I don't know how that five dollars got spent, but as I look back on this event, I realize it wasn't about the money, it was about God directing and changing the hearts and passions of individuals in the ministry He had called them to.

I know that five dollars changed my life... I pray that it might change others.

When we give, we are changed. Wither giving financially or in time and energy. Our hard working volunteers that serve the guest groups on weekends to the sleep deprived cabin leaders that give of their time and energy have all been changed. Maybe you or someone you know is ready to be changed.

John & Catherine Bourbonnais

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