Alan and Bobbi

A Message from Our Food Service Managers

I can remember years ago, I don't know why, Bobbi commenting about how neat it would be to live up at Verdugo Pines. My exact words to her were NO WAY there's no way I would want to live up there. Little did I know that even then God was preparing me to do just that, live up at Verdugo Pines. It's hard to believe it's going on 15 years that Bobbi and I have been living and serving the Lord at Verdugo Pines. I started out doing the maintenance for camp, it started out slow but soon took up all my time. I enjoyed raking the leaves, which is a never ending job, sprucing up cabins so they would look new, and all the other things that required my attention. I especially enjoyed plowing snow, spending many hours at night, just me the plow truck and the Lord, clearing roads so campers could get in and out. Four years ago there was a vacancy in the position as cook. We prayed about it and gave it up to the Lord if that's where He wanted me then I was willing. Needless to say that's where He wanted me. I enjoy being in the kitchen trying new things, but I still miss being out and about around camp. The Lord has blessed Bobbi and I more than I could ever imagine or ever hope for.

Alan & Bobbi Feigenbaum